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Sep 21, 2010 11:35pm PDT
with, $300 million of erection enhancement ads, the drugs for females are nowhere to be seen. is it too sexy or sexist? ashleigh banfield with our series "sex in america." >> reporter: it's become part of our national conversation. things we may have never said on tv a few years ago are on tv at every hour. >> don't let it get in the way. >> seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. >> the ads are on during primetime television and nobody blinks an eye, because we just accept that it's okay to talk about men needing and wanting sexual pleasure and function. >> reporter: but are we just as okay when it comes to what a woman wants? maybe not. according to the journal of the american medical association, more women suffer from sexual dysfunction than men do. 43% to 31%. with numbers like that, you'd think there would be just as many ads on tv hawking products to help women. >> no. >> reporter: enter rachel and mary. two women trying to change that. they run a company that makes zestra, a product aimed at helping women who struggle in the bedroom. how doe
Sep 18, 2010 6:15pm EDT
bill that would require corporations, unions, and other groups to identify themselves in campaign ads. he is followed by the republican address by congressman greg walden, who urges house speaker nancy pelosi to allow an up or down vote on legislation that would cut government spending and stop what he calls tax hikes that are set to take effect on january 1. >> back in january, in my state of the union address, a ward of the danger posed by a supreme court ruling called citizens united. this decision overturns decades of law. it gave the special interest the power to spend without limit and without public disclosure, to run ads in order to influence elections. now as an election approaches, it is not just the theory. we can see for ourselves how destructive to our democracy this can become. we have seen it in the flood of deceptive attack ads sponsored by special interest, using front ribs with misleading names. we all know who is behind these ads -- we don't know who is behind these ads are who is paying for them. they are able to swing freely and are to turn an election. voters are
Sep 6, 2010 10:00pm EDT
ads this weekend. is it being sensored as they claim on their site. should prostitution be allowed? or should prostitutes be allowed to sell sex online? [ engine revving ] [ birds chirping ] [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] what can you do with seven minutes... fifty-nine seconds and thirty-two one hundredths? [ engine revving ] maybe walk your dog around the block. or read a couple of columns on the op-ed page. even shine and buff a pair of wingtips. or, you could silence every skeptic on the planet by blistering through a 13 mile lap at germany's famed nurburgring. inspired and humbled by all the great cars that came before us, like the bmw m5 and the mercedes-benz e63, we didn't see this time as something to cherish. but more a starting line from which to keep pushing. the cts-v. the world's fastest production sedan. [ engine revving ] cadillac. [ engine revs ] the new standard of the world. [ male announcer ] we asked zyrtec® users what they love about their allergy relief, and what it lets them do. the thing i love most about zyrtec® is that it allows me to be outside.
Sep 7, 2010 1:00am EDT
services ads this weekend. is it being censored as they claim on their site. should prostitution be allowed? or should prostitutes be allowed to sell sex online? so w are over a thousand people a day switching to chevrolet? room for eight a all sorts of space behind the third row. they just thought of everything. it just feels like a really solid car. that should come in handy. it's the chevrolet summer event and anyone can get the traverse they want. nah-uh... this one's mine. get 0% apr for 60 months on the 2010 traverse with an average finance savings of around fifty seven hundred. the switch begins at [ male announcer ] an everyday moment can turn romantic anytime. and when it does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment's right. ♪ tell your doctor about your medical condition and all medications, and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you
Sep 25, 2010 6:30pm EDT
launching the next prong of our self-regulatory program, which has to do with interface ads on the internet. i think i mentioned to you that i was watching one of your earlier shows, and one of the things mentioned was that the ftc is keenly interested in having some sort of symbol where consumers can see the symbol and know what it means and have confidence that they can make choices about ads, and that is exactly what the next phase of the self-regulatory program is going to do. we will be launching an icon, which will appear on third- party-delivered ads on the internet. when consumers get familiar with it, they will be able to see it and know what it means. it means you are being delivered interface acts, and with one or possibly two, but typically one click, you will be able to exercise choices. >> when it comes to wireless, we are all about apps these days. this is an app for "usa today," but it says that this application has access to the following -- your location, storage, network communication, which is full internet access to my phone, and phone calls. it can read phone
Sep 5, 2010 10:00pm EDT
. closer to home, critics have called the online classified ad site craigslist the single largest source of prostitution in america. cnn challenged its founder on how he was trying to clean it up. >> what are you guys doing to protect these girls? >> this week, craigslist pulled the plug. next, see the story that started it all and hear reaction from those who demanded the ads come down. >>> and stopping the bullying. not in class but at the office. one city is considering outlawing workplace bullies. we'll tell you why and how. always do a super job. well, it is. just get the superpagesmobile app on your phone. and look for a business with the superguarantee®. you'll get the job done right, or we'll step in and help make it right. so, protect yourself. use your phone to find a business with the superguarantee®. only from®. and let the good guys come to the rescue. when you approach things from a different perspective, you don't end up with just another car. you end up with the all-new saab 9-5 luxury sport sedan. >>> advocates who protect women and children from
Sep 27, 2010 7:00pm EDT
hartman. but up next, campaign 2010 air wars. ads that are positively negative. [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes, you struggle to control your blood sugar. you exercise and eat right, but your blood sugar may still be high, and you need extra help. ask your doctor about onglyza, a once daily medicine used with diet and exercise to control high blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. adding onglyza to your current oral medicine may help reduce after meal blood sugar spikes and may help reduce high morning blood sugar. [ male announcer ] onglyza should not be used to treat type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history or risk of diabetic ketoacidosis. onglyza has not been studied with insulin. using onglyza with medicines such as sulfonylureas may cause low blood sugar. some symptoms of low blood sugar are shaking, sweating and rapid heartbeat. call your doctor if you have an allergic reaction like rash, hives or swelling of the face, mouth or throat. ask your doctor if you also take a tzd as swelling in the hands, feet or ankles may
Sep 7, 2010 2:00am EDT
cnn correspondent who confronted him onthe ads and also jeffrey toobin on the legality of running them and the constitutionality of trying to stop them. >>> we begin tonight with a surisi way that politicians had discovered they can look good and big companies have lened they can buy influence in washington. what is this legal loophole? we're talking about charities. at least two dozen charities according to "the new york times," set up by individual democrat and republican lawmakers. big name politicians who big companies want to be in bed with. let's be clear, these charities seem to do good work. they give out scholarships, fight cancer, give to local causes. why do so many big companies want to donate to little foundations that just happen to be setup by congressmen? you're about to find out. remember wn the democrats took over and promised the culture of corruption in d.c. was done? this is what nancy pelosi said back then. >> this all comes back to the american people. they have toave confidence that congress is here to work in the people's interest, not the special interest
Sep 6, 2010 5:30am EDT
ehrlich hit the airwaves with his first television ad entitled "let's get to work." >> kim dacey joins us live from northwest baltimore with details. >> early voting polling places opened on friday. nearly 23,000 people statewide have cast their ballots already. those who have not have more to think about as bob ehrlich hit the tv airwaves. >> i am bob ehrlich. >> in his first television ad, bob ehrlich reintroduced himself to maryland voters. >> i am not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. >> he showed the -- we showed the spot to a political analyst. >> it was a perfect ad for his campaign. ad looks good. >> the esthetics always matter with ads. there are subtle things, but it is important as to getting the mood of the candidate. >> it outlines his major goals -- help small businesses, protect the bay, and -- >> fix the budget. >> "bob ehrlich is once again distorting the facts and making more empty promises as he tries to run away from his record." early never provide -- bob ehrlich never provided specifics as to how he will accomplish these goals. >> voters want to
Sep 28, 2010 4:00am EDT
exercise are not enough, adding lipitor may help. lipitor is a cholesterol-lowering medication that is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. lipitor is backed by over 18 years of research. lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are taking other medications, or if you have any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. dean will never forget what he went through. don't take your health for granted. [ male announcer ] have a heart to heart with your doctor about your risk. and about lipitor. >>> in south dakota, it is buffalo roundup time for the largest herd in the u.s. hundreds of people turned out to watch cowboys and staff at custer state park drive the buffalo into corrals on monday. there are over 1200 buffalo in the herd. after the roundup the calves are vaccinated and the herd is branded.
Sep 27, 2010 6:30pm EDT
, the campaign ads are getting nasty. >> the taliban dan webster, hands off our bodies. >> couric: and everybody in the world has a story. but can steve hartman get him to tell it? captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, each. the future of the country will soon be in their hands but america's school children are not keeping up with the competition from overseas. today president obama said one answer is more school. he wants to extend the school year by as much as a month. the president also said he knows firsthand the challenges many schools are facing, including right in the nation's capital. here's our chief white house correspondent chip reid. >> reporter: president obama's daughters, seventh grader malia, and fourth grader sasha go to an elite private school where tuition is more than $30,000 a year. today, the president, a strong proponent of public schools, was asked if he thought his daughters would get the same high quality education in a d.c. public school. >> i'l
Sep 22, 2010 9:00am EDT
always passes for years and years and years, it always passes. they also added on an immigration bill. you had all of the republicans voting no on a proceed move. the division is not just about policy. it's about politics. susan collins of maine says it's time for the change, but she wouldn't go for it because she was bothered by how this was done. there's real frustration that harry reid decided to put it through now and to eliminate the chance for republicans to make any changes. so here is how susan collins made her argument. >> i think it's the right thing to do. i think it's only fair. but i cannot vote to proceed to this bill under a situation that is going to shut down the debate and preclude republican amendments. >> and a real hitch for republicans is something they were able to point to and that is the pentagon is right now conducting a survey where they're talking to members of the military to see how a change in the policy, repealing the man, would affect moral, how would it play out in the day-to-day lives of men and women in uniform. that's due in december. a lot of repu
Sep 5, 2010 2:00pm EDT
like. go ahead. >> she had a way of adding humor to the class. >> if it weren't for the dedication and the passion my teachers have, we would all probably be failing in those classes. >> what do you think students can do to make sure they get a better education? >> you have to push yourself to learn as much as you can in whatever class you're in. >> i think simply just raising your hand in class and saying something and taking an active role in just a single class helps you stay more involved. >> don't just put your education in a little box at school. go above and beyond that. >> my mom pushed me to do my best because i like to get good grades, but sometimes if i'm feeling lazy, i'll be lazy, but my mom is the one that really keeps me straight. >> i think it's great when parents are involved, but they have to realize they need to let us spread our wings. >> one one thing could best help fix american schools? >> in my school, they lessened up the teachers. i think that was the worst idea ever. i know we need to save money, but education needs to come first. >> i think if you cut te
FOX News
Sep 4, 2010 11:00am EDT
. >> frank, there is one thing i enjoy watching when you're on. that is when you run an ad and you critique it. i think you've got an ad first off from ohio. is that correct? take me through it. >> that is correct. it is an ad that has been running against governor strickland. one of the most effective negative ads because it focuses on the issue that the american people care about the most, unemployment. these are actors but red represents the republicans and green line represent as democrats. higher the line, more favorable reaction. >> roll it. >> go. >> 1,250 jobs. gone. >> ncr? ia. strickland couldn't hold on to them. maybe georgia. >> we lost 400,000 jobs under strickland. >> got to be a world record. strickland doesn't get the jobs done. >> i wonder when ours go. >> ouch. i saw both lines going up there. that's not good, is it? >> it doesn't happen, because most negative ads don't do well, the public rejects them. in this case, i wonder when ours go, the last sentence made it powerful because that's what americans are thinking. the phone in the background is perfection. we h
Sep 6, 2010 6:00pm EDT
weekend. >> in his first television ad in his race to get his old job back, republican bob ehrlich reintroduce himself to maryland voters. >> i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. >> we showed the spot to a political analyst. >> it was a perfect opening at. >> he says it mashes o'malley's positivity and the ads look good from the blue sky to his blue shirt. >> it is a very subtle thing, but it's very important as to getting the mood of the candid it. >> his goals are to help small- business, protect the bay, and fix the budget. the o'malley campaign e-mail us with a response to the ad. in his pipe in the sky and, bob ehrlich is distorting the facts and making more and the promises as he tries to run away from his record as the biggest spending governor in maryland history. the ad does not provide specifics as to how he will accomplish the goals. >> voters want to know how you are going to help us out of the recession. >> the ad also says that maryland has a dangerous debt, higher taxes and not enough jobs. says he'malley campaign raised taxes and hurt small bu
Sep 16, 2010 1:35am PDT
attack ad. her lawyers even warn tv stations not to run it. don knapp on the one word that the campaign is taking issue with. >> they're crippling. >> reporter: this is the political ad that led to threats of a lawsuit. >> whitman said we should cut another $7 billion from our schools, teacher layoffs, 100,000 more, 33% larger class sizes and even more cuts to arts and music programs. >> reporter: whitman's attorney calls the spot a lie. the spot was done by the california teachers association, the teachers union. the attorney fired off a letter to television station managers telling them they can be held liable for slanderous statements if they run the ad. most television stations including cbs5 stopped running the ad. >> speaking of negative ads, the california teachers soccer put up an ad that was blatantly false. >> reporter: whitman reacted to the ad in san francisco during an appearance at yelp. >> they said i wanted to cut the education budget by $7 million lay off 100,000 teachers. i never said anything like that. my third priority is education. >> reporter: what does cta say? >
Sep 11, 2010 1:00pm PDT
season but many voters are weary of the campaign ads and attacks. proposition 19 on the november ballot will legalize and tax marijuana. is it the answer to california's budget woes? and, recommendations from "the do list" about exhibitions and performances in the bay area this fall. those stories next. >> belva: good evening. welcome to "this week in northern california." i'm belva davis. joining me tonight on our panel are, carla marinucci, political reporter with the "san francisco chronicle" on the final push to win the hearts and minds of voters in california. josh richman, political and legal affairs reporter with the "oakland tribune" with the close look at proposition 19, and the impact of legalizing and taxing pot. and tom baker, consumer editor for ktvu channel 2 news. we'll begin with you, tom. tell us what you can about the explosion that shook all of us yesterday. >> it is a remarkable failure because it really shouldn't happen, given all of the protocols in place and all the things that happened to have such a fail-year you wonder. with such a catastrophic failure somebody
Sep 5, 2010 6:00pm EDT
because it's something you do not want to miss. >>> critics have called the online classified ad site craigslist the single source of prostitution in america. cnn challenged its founder on how he was trying to clean up the site. take a listen. >> what are you guys doing to protect these girls? >> no answer there. this weekend, craigslist pulled the plug. in a bit, we'll have the reaction from those who demanded just that. plus, a new campaign to ease tensions over a proposed islamic center and mosque near ground zero. >> i'm a new york city firefighter and i responded to 9/11 and i am a muslim. >> that is just part of a new ad campaign from an islamic group trying to get its message out. what are they saying? whoo! whoo! this is why we do this! freedom! the open road! no doubt! and progressive has great coverage and policies starting at just $95 a year. i dig that! most bikers do -- that's why progressive is number one! whoo! whoo! let's renew up. yeah, that sounds good, man. do i have any bugs in my teeth? no, you're good. number one in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progress
Sep 3, 2010 5:00pm EDT
, devastatingly negative ads. as one strategist pointed out, anyone who spends money on a positive ad may as well get give money to charity. the democrats are finally getting tough. and that's our top story tonight. >>> plus, what scares you? what's to fear if the republicans grab control of the congress? another government shutdown in order to shift spending power to the congress? a relentless campaign to take down president obama. listen tonight to what the republicans themselves are offering up. >>> also, we have a glimmer of good economic news this morning. the jobless rate ticked up a tenth of a point to 9.6%. and 54,000 jobs were lost overall because of the temporary census bureau jobs coming to an end. but the private sector added 67,000 new jobs, higher than expected. that offers hope that things are getting better in the real economic world out there. still some democrats are quite worried about ending bush tax cuts for the top brackets. we'll look into that. some of them are starting to get very wary at spending between now and election day, bring them back to higher rates for the
Sep 4, 2010 7:00pm EDT
out the ads. so craigslist really voluntarily did the right thing. as a result of our job owning and talking to them. but i think that it can be a model for other sites that may either, enable or encourage prostitution ads. >> this is undeniably affecting millions of internet users leading our investigate into all of this has been amber lion. amber, what do you know about the latest? >> well, good evening, tom, victim's advocates now are praising craigslist for this latest decision. if you go to any part of craigslist, any city in the u.s. and scroll down to where the adult service's section used to be, you're now greeted with this black bar that says "censored" and you can't access the section. we've been trying to get ahold of craigslist to find out if this is permanent. we haven't been able to get ahold of them but one thing is for sure, this has caused a ton of controversy saying that women and children are being sold like sex slaves on this portion of the site against their will. so in may of 2009, a little history here, craigslist came out and said we'll manually screen the ads
Sep 28, 2010 9:00pm EDT
of special interest fund and attack ads, change happens because of you. change happens because of you. change happens because of you. >> joining us now is "huffington post" political reporter sam stein. thanks so much for your time, it's nice to see you. >> hi, rachel. >> this is not the kind of event, not the kind of speech we've seen from president obama in a long time. is this a one off? or does your reporting suggest that this is a new white house strategy for the election? >> well, i think it's part of a broader new strategy designeds of to get the base out. and it's much more interesting than scolding. he's telling the base that i realize that things haven't been perfect, but we've gone so far. let's do two more years. and the thing is that when you tell voters to come out because there's more to achieve, it's much more effectual than i think say stop whining, you should go vote again. i think the president probably took a crew that the coverage that he and his vice president got over the past couple of days and refigured the message. >> the stop whining strategy is known here a
Sep 24, 2010 11:00pm EDT
moved back toward. >> reporter: while former governor released positive ads the gop is doing the dirty work. this ad blasts o'malley for the unemployment rate and raising taxes during his term on negative ad bought and paid for by the republican party. who is higher up sees an opening in a traditionally blue state. >> it has to be in play. new jersey was won by chris christy. so if scott brown can do it if chris christy can do it bob can do it. >> this tough economy we need a governor on our side. >> reporter: o'malley is fighting back. the current governor has been running negative ads since the primary season but focusing in on ehrlich's old record insisting he raised taxes himself but called them fees. o'malley also continues to say in his ads ehrlich was a paid lobbiest for big business. kathleen kennedy says negative ads are a part of the stretch run in any campaign. >> the fact is people will always say angry things at the end of the campaign. it happens. people will ask themselves who will be better for them? who will be better for the state? that will be governor o'malley
Sep 6, 2010 4:30am EDT
services. craigslist bans adult ads but will it have an impact on online prostitution? >>> and no second exits. was steven slater fired from jetblue, or did he quit? >>> good morning, everybody. happy labor day, of course. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm mike marusarz sitting in for vinita nair. as americans mark this labor day, president obama celebrates with union workers in wisconsin. >> it's the beginning of a renewed focus on the nation's sagging economy from the white house and it comes just weeks before the crucial midterm elections. emily schmidt is joining us now from washington. >> reporter: rob and mike, good morning to you. here we are the unofficial end to summer, the unofficial beginning to the election season. president obama will begin today in wisconsin, unveiling a plan toe invest more on the infrastructure to help the economy. president obama once predicted a summer of recovery. but on this labor day, with unemployment hovering around 9.6% -- >> jobs are being created, they're just not being created as fast as they need to. >> reporter: -- the president is preparing
FOX News
Sep 28, 2010 12:00am EDT
great ad on. a great thing he said. murray criticized him saying he's the tool of wall street. he said you supported tarp. who is the tool? >> why do you -- i'm not confident. i'm concerned about sharon angle a little bit in nevada. >> harry read is dead in the water. >> sean: why? >> he hasn't moved since august 1. nobody likes him to start with. only thing that the second breath when. >> tacking sharon angle over social security and medicare this, group americans for new put on a full quote of sharon angle. she said she wanted him not to raise raid the lock box. he had a budget of 45 in 75 weeks. he's dead in the water. >> sean: you've been saying anyone undecided at this late hour is going break for the party out of power. how important? what do you see in the gubernatorial races? a lot of governorships up for race. >> i think we're going to win, the republicans will win a huge number as well as state legislative chambers making a big difference for reapportionment. there is so much happening this year. i've got a movie coming out thursday, october 1 called "battle fo
FOX News
Sep 30, 2010 6:00pm EDT
trillion and would be added to the deficit but democrats think it's better spent on the economy. >> chris: apparently rahm emanuel is officially leaving as chief of staff tomorrow. do they plan a big event at the white house? >> late tomorrow morning a big east room celebration and ceremony in which the president will say goodbye to chief of staff rahm emanuel. emanuel deciding to throw his hat in the race for chicago mayor. reporters spent much of the briefing trying to get him to confirm it. including asking gibbs what emanuel's legacy will be. >> i'm not buying in the legacy part of your question. in terms of -- look, i will say this. rahm has an incredible amount of energy every day. >> he will be replaced on interim basis by a senior advisor and served as the chief of stas in the last four years of the senate. he was part of the group that planned the president's presidential bid. robert gibbs said of rouse his strategic spence played a big part in virtually every decision made in the obama white house. chris? >> chris: and one other quick question, because a lot of people
FOX News
Sep 7, 2010 9:00pm EDT
enemies. it is the weak response to the oil spill. it a trillion dollars added to the deficit every year. add up all of the above and you have a disastrous tailspin for the president. >> sean: what they are doing is governing -- politicians usually have the sense of self-preservation. they won't govern against the will of the people this is the only administration i think that see flagrantly goes against the will of the american people on every major issue >> desperate and out of touch. >> sean: good to see. dana we miss you. >> i'll be there next week. >> sean: time for our tuesday text voting. do we need another stimulus bill? text us at 36288 type: we reveal the results at the end of the show. stay tuned. stay tuned, there's plenty more hannity, straight ahead. >> the president: they have not come up with a single solitary idea that is any different from the policy of george w. bush. >> sean: will these blame bush strategy payoff in november? frank luntz has the answer, next. >> of course we have to get our border secured anybody who doesn't think so come to arizona. >> sean: sen
Sep 4, 2010 5:00pm EDT
it can be a model for other sites that may either enable or encourage prostitution ads. >> leaving cnn's investigation into the matters is amber lion. what can you tell us today? certainly millions of craigslist users are noticing. >> well, tom, something you noticed physically about craigslist is if you live in the u.s. and go to your local page and scroll down to where the adults services section used to be you are met with a big black bar that says "sencensored." i have been on the phone trying to get ahold of craigslist and e-mailed them to see if this is permanent. we haven't heard back yet. one thing's for sure. this section has caused controversy in the past. people saying craigslist isn't doing enough to protect women and children that victims advocates say were being sold like sex slaves under this portion. in may, 2009, craigslist said they are going to start screening ads manually to protect women and children. for our investigation we put craigslist to the test, keeping them honest to see if they are doing what they say they are doing. we created this ad. in this ad it
Sep 21, 2010 7:00pm EDT
spending on television ads for the midterm elections is expected to total $3 billion. because of a landmark supreme court ruling earlier this year, you may never know who's behind a lot of those ads. here's our chief investigative correspondent armen keteyian. >> reporter: you're watching the first wave of an on coming flood of campaign ads. >> bailouts, deficits. >> reporter: paid for by groups who don't have to tell you where their money is coming from. >> she voted for special interest earmarks. >> reporter: the group behind this ad attacking senator patty murray of washington calls itself the committee for truth in politics. >> trillions in deficit spending. >> reporter: yet despite its title, the committee has no web site, not even a phone number and insists on keeping its donor list secret. and it's all legal. >> information about who is bankrolling an ad really is important, critical information. >> reporter: the closest one can get to the truth is the attorney who represents it-- james bopp, jr., a small-town indiana lawyer who has become the go-to guy when it comes to figh
Sep 5, 2010 7:00am EDT
. that means going negative. means brutally pointed, honest, devastating negative ads. as oneistrate jest put it, anyone who spends money on a positive ad might as well give money to charity. the democrats are getting tough. that's our top story. >>> plus, what scares you? what's the fear if the republicans grab control of congress? a push to starve the health care bill, another government shutdown to shift spending power to the congress? a relen willing campaign to take down -- relentless campaign to take down president obama? listen to what the republicans are offering up. >>> we got a glimmer of good economic news this morning. the jobless rate ticked up .1% to 9.6%. 9.6, and 54,000 jobs lost overall because of the temporary census bureau jobs coming to an end. but the private sector added 67,000 new jobs. higher than expected. and that offers hope that things are getting better in the real economic world out there. still some democrats are becoming quite worried about ending those bush tax cuts for even the top bracket. we'll look into that. >>> retreat, how it there's some retre
Sep 29, 2010 9:00pm EDT
i'm concerned, ken buck is just too extreme for colorado. >> too extreme for colorado. that is an ad being run right now by democratic senator michael bennett of colorado. his opponent ken buck is one of at least five republican senate candidates that we know of who want the government to make abortion illegal, even in cases where a woman is pregnant as the result of rape or incest. the federal government should monitor every pregnancy of every american woman everywhere in the country to ensure that it ends the way the federal government prefers. no matter what the woman, herself, or her doctor thinks is best even if she is raped. ken buck wants the federal government to force the rape victim to bear the child of the rapist. memo to democrats. if your opponent has views that extreme, throw out the conventional wisdom. you can run against someone on that basis. they say it couldn't be done. it can be done. >> ken buck wants to make common forms of birth control illegal. >> it's just ridiculous. >> i can't believe in 2010 ken buck wants to limit women's access to birth control. >> ken
Sep 15, 2010 10:00pm PDT
people left behind. the political ad that may have gone too far. and dogs banned for their own safety. >>> well, we've all seen the videos people using cell phones to record police officers us usually doing something that makes the cops look pretty bad. now some officers have started wearing their own cameras. you may not notice them at first, but rob all right lyles shows us how to spot them. >> reporter: suiting up once meant a badge and a gun. now it means a recording device as well. >> just so i can record myself when i stop people. >> reporter: motor officer jason scott has been paranoid complaints and lawsuits alleging officer misconduct have increased in the last decade. usually in a battle of he said she said. but that's about to change. >> this is the new age of policing. >> reporter: 15 oakland officers are now wearing on their chests, the portable video system. it records both video and then audio that is then sent to superiors at the end of each shift. >> i'm able to record everything, you know, and i'm able to download it. it's there, you have a record of it. so i
Sep 2, 2010 5:00pm EDT
president bush, and he offer ad broad promise of hope and change that hasn't been delivered. that's what he's suffering for. i think in a place like ohio where you're talking about the poll, people are saying, look, we weren't treated well with alaska. we're not treated well with this guy. we'll take whatever we can get. >> it has been a message problem out of the white house. when you have polls showing that people don't believe the stimulus has created jobs or saved jobs. that's within the realm of control for the white house. >> there's two choices when you vote. a "d" or "r." and they're voting for a guy who was so sloppy on fiscal policy. refused to veto a fiscal spending bill that we doubled the national debt. do they know that's what "r" means this november? >> when i was in philadelphia, he won with 67% of the vote a couple years ago, he is dealing with voters telling me barack obama is not the guy i voted for. i thought he was going to turn the economy around. he didn't turn the economy around. i didn't know he was going to do the health care thing. i thought he was going to cha
Sep 21, 2010 5:30pm PDT
down, nine are killed, most of them americans. political ads are flooding the airwaves. why you may never find out who's paying for some of them. and solutions to the bedbug epidemic. enterprising entrepreneurs smell an opportunity to make a profit. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. this is a special broadcast tonight with fewer commercials and more news. and we begin with an issue that has divided this country for years: should gays be allowed to serve openly in the military? since 1993, "don't ask, don't tell" has been the law, but activists have argued it's not good enough. and congressional democrats saw an opportunity to repeal it and provide full rights to gay and lesbian service members. but today, supporters of that repeal fell four votes short of stopping a republican filibuster so as david martin reports, "don't ask, don't tell" lives on. >> reporter: it was an arcane procedural vote. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: but its significance
Sep 22, 2010 2:35am EDT
signaled that it is ready with new support for the economy. the fed is considering adding hundreds of billions of dollars to the economy. that's because of concerns about deflation. key interest rates were left unchanged after yesterday's meeting. more now from our business editor dan arnall. >> reporter: in the post-meeting statement the fed indicated their major concern right now is that inflation is, in fact, too low. there's a deflationary risk. that's why they're talking about adding more money to the system that tends to spur inflation and keep prices going up. that sounds like a bad thing but if the alternative is that prices keep going down, people would actually be laid off as companies wouldn't be able to afford to keep the workers they have right now. >> and those key interest rates apparently will not change any time soon. the fed has repeated its pledge to leave them near 0%, at super-low levels for an extended period. >>> the president's top economic adviser says he is leaving the white house. as chief political correspondent george stephanopoulos explains, he is the thi
Sep 6, 2010 10:00pm PDT
are projecting in the budget that this both to the board of supervisors, that we will be adding to the fund balance each year from now on, not taking from the fund balance, so that is the plan going forward, that we will not prepared a budget and present the commission with a budget that will be pulling from the operating fund. we will be balancing the budget with current funds against current funds and adding to the operating fund balance each year. >> the other thing is that to the extent that we are seeing more projects come through, because they can defer their impact fee payment, if that concept works, we may get larger projects because some developers have been waiting for something to be, you know, and the test to be able to bring in stuff, and we are seeing that right now. what would be a comfortable balance in that fund? a couple of million dollars? -- >> what would be a comfortable balance in that fund? a couple of million dollars? they could say let's take it out and put it in the general fund, which they have done in the past. >> that is something i keep hammering home
Sep 16, 2010 11:00pm PDT
>> new ad aimed at mcdonald's. shocking image and stern warning our real national pastime? saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm good evening. this has been an emotional night for a lot of people. the first memorial was held this evening for tw of the victims of the san bruno explosion and fire. jacqueline and 13-year-old daughter vanessa remembered tonight at the church in san francisco. >> there were so many people here they couldn't all fit inside the church and friends family members say they loved them a lot. could land of picture concrete greeted more thanker showing the vibrant lives of the 2 victims, jackie
Sep 18, 2010 2:30am PDT
and it needs to be added. this charge needs to be added. they relive scan it. so we identified it almost as a duplicate booking. commissioner dejesus: i am looking at numbers 1 and 2, but are there numbers attached? >> you will see the numbers attached here in a moment that shows the quantities. this just shows the aggregate charges so you knew which kind of charges were being evaluated for each type. commissioner dejesus: ok, thank you. >> so oftentimes those are added in scent -- subsequent charges that made our numbers look larger. seduce and with the -- and with the -- commissioner dejesus: and with the rebookings. >> that's right. that response comes back to us. additional warrants are found and additional charges are added. oftentimes, what will happen is the person tells us who they are or tells the jail who they are, we process them. once the fingerprints hit the state and the feds, the response comes back with an f.b.i. number and a c.i.i. number, and then the i.d. tags take the added step of running those for warrants based on the f.b.i. number rather than based on the n
Sep 4, 2010 11:00pm PDT
critics without saying anything at all. good evening everyone. the web site for classified ads took down its adults services section, replacing the title with the word censored. this comes after 17 attorneys general called on kraig list to get rid of the ads. >> are the thumbing their nose or seriously taking down adult ads for good? we found ads posted that are soliciting sex. >> those are now full of praise. >> over a number of years, we have persuaded craigslist to take action eliminating prostitution ads, and fortunately now it's done the right thing voluntarily by shutting down the adult services section. >> reporter: or has it and the word censored appeared where the adults services section once was, but it's pointed out, ads for sex are still there. >> any look at their web site, you'll see that they're now on casual encounters. >> reporter: we clicked on that link and found postings offering sex. >> they're facilitating buying and selling and marketing of the most vulnerable people in our culture. that's people in prostitution. >> reporter: craigslist c.e.o. has not responde
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